Cleaning Q & A

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◆ Reservation / Quotation ◆

Q) When can I make a reservation?

A) You can make a reservation for the following month.
For example, reservations for April will be accepted from March 1st.
* When using our service for the first time,
Please make an early reservation.
Since a prior meeting is required before the service is provided.

Q) When should I EMAIL to CHANGE my reservation, or to CANCEL my reservation?

A) To CHANGE your reservation, EMAIL US AT LEAST 48 hours before your appointment.
We will try to accomodate your NEW requested date.
But if that Date and Time is NOT available, we will change you 100% of the TOTAL cleaning fee.
To CANCEL your reservation, EMAIL US AT LEAST 48 hours before your appointment.

IF you cancel LESS than 48 hours, we will charge you 50% of the TOTAL cleaning fee.
IF you cancel 24 hours or less, we will change you 100% of the TOTAL cleaning fee.

Q) Can you give an estimate for the first appointment?

A) Yes, we will visit you in advance,
We will check the cleaning contents, cleaning tools, and cleaning location,
We will give you an accurate estimate of the working time.

Q) Is there a day off?

A) Although we are basically closed on Sundays and public holidays, please contact us if you wish to move on Sundays and public holidays.
Consultation by telephone is available at TEL: 090-4969-0633.
Consultation by e-mail is accepted all day at

◆ Services ◆

Q) I want to clean the window glass. Is it possible?

A) Basically, it will be cleaned within the reach of the stepladder.
Since it is necessary to estimate the working time, such as the size and number of windows, please contact us first.
Please let us know your request.

Q) Can you remove the trash? We will NOT remove ANYTHING left at your house, including trash.

A) We will not take it home.
Garbage bins in each room will be separated according to local regulations and collected in one place.

Q) Can you clean the air conditioner, refrigerator, wash laundry, or iron?

The above request is not included in normal work and will be charged separately.
Please let us know your request first.

◆ Service implementation date ◆

Q) What cleaning supplies must I (the customer provide for the cleaning staff?)

A) LUV2SCRUB does NOT provide cleaning supplies,
It is our responsibility to provide cleaning supplies.
* Cleaning supplies to be provided by the customer :
・ Toilet cleaner ・ Tub cleaner ・ Mirror cleaner ・ Three cleaning cloths
・ Paper towel ・ 2 sponges (for bath and drain) ・ Vacuum
・ Mop (or rag) ・ Floor cleaner ・ Bucket cleaner

Q) Do I need to be present during cleaning?

A) NO, the customer does not have to be present during cleaning.

Q) Is the cleaning staff female or male?

A) All our staff are women.

◆ Payment ◆

Q) What is the payment method? Can I use a card?

After the work is completed on the day of cleaning, please pay in Cash to the person in charge.
Sorry we do not accept any cards for payment.

Q) Is there an extension charge on the day of cleaning?

We will promise the work time and the cleaning that was agreed to, at the initial meeting.
You will not be charged on the same day for more than the agreed service fee.